Wednesday ,23 May 2018
A List of Open Tenders
# Tender No. Tender Description Tender Category Entity Name Deadline Download
1. AE/029/2018-18/G/21 Supply of Water Pipes and Fittings Goods UWASA - Arusha 04 Jun 2018 10:00
2. AE/020/HQ/2017-18/G/37 Rural Electrification for Peri-Urban Areas of Pwani Region and Kigamboni District Goods Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority 19 Jun 2018 12:00
3. AE/023/2017-18/HQ/G/30 Supply of office Furnitures for TRA Offices Goods Tanzania Revenue Authority 29 May 2018 10:00
4. AE/033/2017-18/G/06 Supply of Valves, Bulk Meters and Pipe Fittings for Mlandizi- Mboga Chalinze Pipeline - Lot 2 Goods DAWASA 31 May 2018 10:00
5. AE/038/2017-2018/G/GAIRO/01 Design, Supply and Install Reverse Osmosis Plant, 8 Submersible Pumps, One on Duty Booster Pump and One Standby Booster at Gairo Township in Morogoro Region Goods Morogoro Urban Water Supply and Sewerage Authority 05 Jun 2018 10:00